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“It’s true that it takes a village
to raise a child, but it also takes
a village to raise the village."
Action Jackson started his community advocacy and activism in his early teens.

After volunteering with nonprofit United for Better Living and other amazing Chicago organizations, he was so inspired by the community he served that he decided to start his own not-for-profit organization called the Jackson Action Coalition (JAC). At the time, this ambitious and civic minded nineteen-year-old established that his mission is and always will be “To bridge the gap and bring generations together by empowering our community, youth, and seniors through outreach, services and events.”

Action Jackson and JAC have helped over 5,000 families through initiatives such as:

- Fighting for simple services on the West Side of Chicago.
- Feeding the homeless.
- Helping employ over 1,500 young adults through summer employment programs.
- Hosting free JAC community events such as Breakfast with Santa, providing gifts to hundreds of children every Christmas.
- Directing resource fairs.
- Donating to many community organizations.
- Advocating for better community conditions and creation of opportunity.

Action Jackson truly believes it takes a village to raise the village. His heart and vision remain focused on his cherished community.