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Radio Personality

“Always make sure your
public personality matches
your private practices.”
The Radio Personality
Co-Host of the Brunch Bunch on Inspiration 1390AM

Action Jackson is not only a community activist, successful entrepreneur, and consultant helping others … he’s also an entertainer who shares his humor and wisdom with tens-of-thousands of listeners every day. The “Brunch Bunch” is hosted by Action Jackson and Tamara Fair every weekday from noon until 1 p.m. and is one of the most popular broadcasts on iHeart Radio, Inspiration 1390AM.

Guests on the show include gospel stars, popular political figures, pastors, successful business owners, specialists in the financial industry, social activists, and members of the community who provoke thought and inspire. Action Jackson’s gift to shift and knowledge of many industries allows him to interview and entertain in a way that endears him to the audience. He and Tamara continue to lift spirits and win hearts over the airwaves.

The Brunch Bunch tag line is: “It’s always our aim to send you back better than you came.” This inspiring mantra embodies not only the objective of the show, but remains the foundational tenet of the hosts. The Brunch Bunch continues to focus on charity and making Chicago communities a wonderful place to live. They provide thought-provoking dialogue for all ages, races, and genders. Their platform is used to uplift, inspire, ignite, and inform listeners about important community resources, and about the people who bring those resources to fruition.

It’s just another way Marseil earns the Action in Jackson.